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Electrical energy is an important form of energy used for different applications in day-to-day life. This energy is basically obtained from four different sources, namely hydro electric power generation, fossil fuel based power generation known as thermal power, atomic power generation and solar photo-voltaic systems.  The thermal power generation depends on fossil fuels like oil, gases or coal for running gas and steam turbines. As the fossil fuels are becoming dearer, people are looking for alternate sources of fuels, which are of renewable in nature. An alternative to these conventional fossil fuels is the industrial waste, biomass, which can be used for generation of power either by direct burning on a boiler grates or gasified and used in steam or gas turbine unit.

Considering the abundant availability of waste material in the country, both central and state governments have earmarked a portion of power generation from non-conventional energy areas through private participation.

Observing the scope for power generation through the use of poultry litter, M/s. Shravana Power Projects Pvt. Ltd has set up a 7.5 MW poultry litter based power plant at Thakkellapalli Village, Yacharam Mandal, RangaReddy District, Telagana State has started commercial operation on 11.06.2010.


The plant mainly consists of Steam Turbine Generator (STG) set of 7.5 MW generating capacity. The steam requirements for the turbine generator set will be met through a traveling grate type boiler. Apart from the STG set and boiler, the plant is equipped with DM water system, water cooling system, compressed air system, fire fighting equipment, fuel and ash handling system, switch gear and switch yard etc. The boiler is of capacity 40 TPH and out let steam at a pressure of 45 kg/ cm2 (g) (44 bar/ 43.5 atm) and a temperature of 440+100C.

The steam generated will pass through steam header and will be taken to the steam turbine where the high-pressure steam is expanded through the bleed cum condensing turbine to run the generator. Steam from the turbine outlet is taken through air-cooled condenser where the latent heat in the steam is removed, the condensate is returned to the dearator. Make up water from demineralised water storage tank is taken and pumped to the dearator. The 3 TPH steam from the turbine at 10.3 kg/ cm2 (g) (10.13 bar/ 10.0 atm) & 215 oC is used to heat the condensate return and make up water at 105 oC. This feed water is pumped to boiler through high pressure feed pumps for recycling.

The generating voltage at the generator terminals will be 11KV, which will be stepped up to 33 KV state electricity board grid level. Part of the power generated will be used for the plant auxiliary drives and the balance will be transported to State Electricity grid.